ISBN 9780007574629

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Harriet Manners is back with a fresh set of problems and a fresh set of lists and bizzare facts. In her own unique way she sets about helping Wilbur with his bankruptcy problems, her dad with his jobless situation, the tooth-achingly cute Japanese Rin with her love life and all her friends to be happy. Many colour-coded binders and plans later, after much sneaking about and lying to her step-mum, Annabel, she manages to complicate everyone's lives beyond recognition. In the usual Geek Girl style, she ends up having the most tremendous adventures and mishaps along the way. She plays her historical heroine Queen Elizabeth I for a day and has a whirlwind secret and near-fatal trip to India. She gets to know her baby sister Tabitha better, cuddles an elephant and falls flat on her face in front of the most important people at Vogue. With the unflinching love and support from her friends almost everything turns out for the best in the end, mostly in spite of rather than because of her meddling. She even starts to dare to love again after her last romance. Very funny, with a great supporting cast of colourful characters, with foreign travel, romance and many misunderstandings and mishaps it should appeal to any young teenage girl. While you could read it without reading the others first, this is the fifth book in a series that still has plenty of life in it. 446 pages / Ages 11+ / Reviewed by Melanie Chadwick, school libarian.

Reviewed by: Melanie Chadwick