Blue Monster Wants It All!

Blue Monster Wants It All!

Blue Monster Wants It All!
Jeanne Willis

Little Tiger Press

ISBN 9781848698314

"...A wild and witty adventure with exuberantly naive pictures." - The Sunday Times Blue Monster loves brand new things. A fancy new hat . . . a shiny submarine . . . a fabulous funfair . . . and a paradise island, all of his own. But he's still not happy! What will it take for Blue Monster to realise there are some things that money can't buy? An original, humorous and unforgettable fable from the creators of the award-winning The First Slodge, perfect for introducing little ones to the idea of materialism and helping them realise the importance of family.

Librarian's Book choice

Blue Monster wants it all! Ever since he was a baby, Blue monster has liked new things; they make him happy and so he demands them often - only, they don't stay new so he quickly demands something else newer!

One day, Blue Monster leaves his family to go and buy the new things that make him happy. He buys lots of fantastic things before realising that one of the 'old' things he had, made him truly happy - his family.

This is a fun picture book that teaches children to appreciate what they have and the value of family over materialistic things. In class, I'd use this in a PSHE lesson, to discuss what makes us happy and how important good relationships are. This would also be a good text for KS1 children to re-write about their own monster, as it has a simple structure with good extended sentences as models.

Picture book / Ages 3-6 years / Reviewed by Lizi Backhouse, teacher.