Tim Warnes

Little Tiger Press

ISBN 9781848957428

Appearances can be deceptive in this quirky, funny picture book from award-winning author-illustrator, Tim Warnes (Monty and Milli - The Totally Amazing Magic Trick, I Don't Want to Go to Bed). Children will love this funny story about surprises, labels and a very unlikely friendship. Packed with adjectives, it's fantastic for expanding your child's vocabulary too. This paperback edition comes with over 100 free stickers! Mole loves labelling things, but when he comes across a strange thing, he doesn't know what to call it. It's lumpy and bumpy, and has snippy-snappy teeth. Could it be dangerous? Look out, Mole!

Librarian's Book choice

Dangerous! is the new picture book from Tim Warnes in which we meet Mole, who likes to label things, and a large crocodile that Mole struggles to identify. Instead of labelling Croc with a noun, Mole has to use lots of descriptive words to try to understand what is this 'lumpy-bumpy thing with snippy snappy teeth'. As he gradually finds out more about Croc, Mole also applies the word 'Dangerous' (but it all ends happily!). With a warm, engaging story and humorous illustrations, Dangerous! will be enjoyed by children across ages four to seven years. Because the book follows Mole's obsession with labelling, children will also learn something without even realising it. In the first part of the story, Mole is labelling the things he knows as nouns - snail, butterfly, leaf - but when he comes across the unknown crocodile, Mole has to resort to adjectives for his labels - slimy, sharp, bumpy etc. So as well as a great story, Dangerous! provides a beautiful demonstration of nouns and adjectives in play. Picture book / Ages 4-7 years / Reviewed by Angela Inns, librarian