ISBN 044086366X

This is Jacqueline Wilson at her best telling a sparkling tale of friendship, single mums, schools and more as Charlie, certainly not Charlotte, gets involved in her Victorian project. As she writes the diary of Lottie, a Victorian servant girl, a whole new life comes into her head - and into ours.

ISBN 0141316748

The comic, mock-Victorian story of a foundling, Solomon Snow. Read this just for the fun of it - although there is a sense of the times too. Encourage those who enjoy it to go on to Solomon Snow and the Stolen Jewel.

ISBN 0746060300

Three of our best authors work together to give us three books that follow the occupants of one house from the time of Victoria. So we get a look at history in Victorian times, at the time of the suffragettes and during the Blitz in World War II. Three good storytellers give us three enticing tastes of the past. Lizzie's Wish is followed by Polly's March & Josie Under Fire.

ISBN 0192752669

Itís 1893 and Cissy is on her way across America to start a new life in an as yet unbuilt new town on the Oklahoma prairie. This is a rip-roaring story, full of action, mood changes and more as the new settlers try to find a way to make the train stop at their town. A great story, told with passion and panache.