Here's a quick reminder of the main points to remember when organising your author visit.

1. book your author/illustrator in well advance, about six months to one year ahead of the event. Provide specific date(s) when you would like the author to attend.
2. Select three or four authors in case you canít get your first choice. Check that the age ranges they cover are appropriate.
3. Plan the author visit into your teaching schedule. Ensure that books are available to pupils, including the authorís latest title, and that they have access to author information such as biographies before the event.
4. Place your order for books for the event well in advance Ė some ten weeks - from a local bookseller, school supplier, school library service or publisher
5. Communicate with the author about the type of session(s) you are expecting and what you would like the author to cover in terms of curriculum / subject areas.
6. Once you and the author are happy with the events planned, give the author a detailed schedule of the day including pupilsí age, size of groups and breaks.
7. Publicise the event using posters and displays of pupilsí work.
8. Check in advance that travel arrangements, lunch etc are organised

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