Prize for children's diversity writing

The Commonword Children's Diversity Writing Prize is seeking submissions from budding authors in Manchester for writing and writers who embrace ethnic diversity.

The prize, which is being awarded by Commonword, Puffin Books and Rogers, Coleridge and White Literary Agency, is worth £500 as well as professional mentoring.

Catherine Pellegrino, children's book agent for RCW, says: "As a children's agent, living in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, it struck me that there was a gaping hole in the children’s writing community; in the authors I represent, the writers published and consequently in the books we are able to offer our children to read, books that should represent our rich cultural diversity but so often fail to do so.

"The opportunity to address this issue is enormously exciting and I am confident that working together we will bring to light original and talented new writers and writers in the making."

Details for submissions etc have not yet been finalised but the prize will be focused on writers in Manchester; it will be awarded via Commonword writing workshops in Manchester and will cover children's fiction writing for 7+ to teenage.

The winning writer must embrace ethnic diversity either through their own ethnicity and culture and/or within their writing.


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