What makes a great school library?

We asked Lucas Maxwell, librarian at Glenthorne High School in Sutton and the 2017 School Librarian of the Year, to tell us what makes his school library so special?

16/10/2017What makes a great school library?

Amy McKay: School Librarian of the Year

We spoke to Amy McKay, recently announced as School Librarian of the Year 2016, to find out what makes her library at Corby Business Academy special and to share some of her insights into creating a...

13/10/2016Amy McKay: School Librarian of the Year

ASCEL responds to Libraries Report

The Association of Senior Children's and Education Librarians (ASCEL) has called for a greater focus on children's public and schools library services in its response to last year's Independent...

06/02/2015ASCEL responds to Libraries Report

State of children's reading

Despite concerns that not enough children read for pleasure, reports released this month in the UK and the US indicate that children's reading is thriving.

18/01/2015State of children's reading

Reading campaign launched

A new campaign, Read On Get On, has been launched with the aim of ensuring that every child born this year is able to read well by the time they leave primary school aged 11, in 2025. Fundamental to...

08/09/2014Reading campaign launched

Tips on inspiring reading for pleasure

A new publication from Egmont, Help Your Child Love Reading by Alison David, aims to support parents in creating a reading environment at home.

08/09/2014Tips on inspiring reading for pleasure

Discovering 'A Boy Called Hope'

How does a publisher find 'that book', the one that everyone falls in love with - and then make sure it becomes the most talked-about book around? Rebecca Hill, Usborne fiction director, talks about...

18/03/2014Discovering 'A Boy Called Hope'

UK declines in international 'league tables'

The latest PISA (Programme for International Assessment) report which examines the abilities of 15-year-old students in reading, mathematics and science, shows that the performance of students in...

05/12/2013UK declines in international 'league tables'

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