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Andy Seed talks 'non-fiction' on ReadingZone Live!

We were delighted that Andy Seed, the award-winning author of books including Side Splitting stuff and Weird and Wacky Words, joined us for a special ReadingZone Live event which you can watch via the links, below!

Our ReadingZone Live event with Andy took place at The South Norwood Academy in London. You can watch the event via the links.

Andy talked about writing non fiction and what makes a great non-fiction book, before answering questions from children in other schools via video conference.

Andy's books contain a mixture of facts, fun activities and humour all packed in short chunks to hook reluctant readers as well as engaging a wide range of abilities.

The wordplay in these books includes jokes, poems, spoonerisms, puns, nonsense and word games plus so are great for developing understanding of language (and vocabulary) and motivating children to write.

The typical kinds of classroom activities that children can do to follow up his sessions are:
- Trying out some of the word games and challenges that he sets
- Making their own versions of the humorous lists and fun wordplay content
- Writing responses to creative activities such as the 'possibly impossible' A-Z Conversation challenge.

But mainly it's about getting children wanting to read and motivated to write - and changing attitudes to books and reading.

There is a slight technical hitch in the first video link, with about one minute of the sound cut from the session. You can forward the video to skip this section.

Andy Seed talks 'non-fiction' on ReadingZone Live!
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