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Colin Furze: This Book Isn't Safe!3/5

Colin Furze: This Book Isn't Safe!

Colin Furze


Over 190 colour pages from famous YouTuber, Colin Furze. Colin is well known to our YouTube learning generation and it will be interesting to see how well his transition to paper goes. From my point of view as a STEM club leader/tutor, while the book is entertaining and has some great inventions, only one or two may be useable with my groups (possibly the tempting concrete-crusher wellies and mega raft).

For an interested child, keen to start making things for themselves, this book does have some useful nuggets and 'how to' sections, and may be a good place to start, and certainly this would be a lovely gift for existing fans, with lots of well presented information and ideas that haven't already been presented on YouTube. In summary I would recommend this as a gift for children aged around 9-14yrs, but wouldn't particularly recommend it for teachers or parents. It would be great to see a copy at the local library though.

192 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Wendy Lomas, teacher.

Reviewed by: Wendy Lomas