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Jez Alborough
Walker Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781406373073

A pleasant surprise! When I first flicked through this picture book in order to assess its suitability for my 2 year old, I didn't think she would be very engaged with it, as the dialogue and narrative is very limited. However, my daughter was immediately taken with the beautiful pictures and she was fully engaged throughout my reading it to her. The images are large and the characters faces are very animated so she was able to assess the emotions of the characters. saying things such as 'oh mummy, Bobo is sad'. What came as a pleasant surprise to me was that after I put down the story, I found her reading it to herself. Due to each page having only one or two words for example - 'Play' and 'Bobo sleep' - she had remembered the story and was reading it. This story is now her favourite story to read purely because she feels she can access it and she will often sit and read it to me.

If you are a parent, DO NOT be put off by the limited narrative, in fact embrace that this story is going to give your child the confidence to read a story by themselves. To be able to build on reading skills with a very young toddler is exciting, and this story is perfect for that. It could also be used as an early reader with Reception children to help them develop confidence in reading.

The story tells the tale of baby monkey - Bobo - and his mummy wants him to go to sleep, but Bobo thinks it is still play time. Bobo leaves the nest and finds himself in a strange place when suddenly it gets dark. Bobo soon learns that play time is only when the sun is up.

A lovely little story that can be read to newborns to get them used to the sound of your voice and perfect for young children at bedtime. Bobo is cheeky little monkey, just like all our own cheeky little monkeys.

Picture book / Ages 0+ / Reviewed by Joanna Hewish, teacher.


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