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Buster and the Baby

Buster and the Baby

Amy Hest
Walker Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781406373011

A beautiful story of the friendship between a baby and her companion. All parents will delight in this tale of a baby who plays a game of hide and seek with her dog - Buster. The rhythmical narrative allows this tale be read with excitement as the baby chases the dog around house - 'Go Buster, go Buster, Go Buster, Go!'

Engaging and immersive, children will be delighted with this popular game within the story. Buster finds many places to hide, but the baby always finds him making everyone jump by shouting out and chasing each other. My children particularly enjoyed spotting Buster on each page and shouting out 'CHAAAA!' as the baby finds Buster on the next page.

The beautiful classical style illustrations by Polly Dunbar enable a child to understand the plot of the story before they can understand the narrative, which makes this a story accessible for babies of any age. My daughter loved thumping her heart along to the words 'Thump, goes his heart. Thump, thump, thump.' As the story progresses, the day within the story progresses and concludes with a lovely section of the baby going to bed. The narrative pace slows and allows you to whisper the story as your child drifts off to sleep.

A lovely story that can be read at any time of the day to babies and young children of any age.

Picture book / Ages 0-4 years / Reviewed by Joanna Hewish, teacher.


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