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Fish Dream of Trees

Fish Dream of Trees

Frantz Wittkamp
Two Hoots
ISBN: 9781509836505

Fish Dream of trees and other curious verses is a beautiful poetry book. It is full of simple, witty rhymes and verses that are all based around animals. This book would make a lovely introduction to Poetry for younger children. The added bonus is that Axel Scheffler's unmistakeable illustration accompany every page. When teaching children to read and write rhyming couplets, this book would be a 'must have' as it is so very simple and accessible. It also has lots of nonsense poems so that really helps with encouraging children to write poetry.

I think this would be a lovely one to read to Early years children especially when looking at early phonics rhyming. Getting children to identify the rhyming words at the end of each line would be very simple. I would highly recommend this book to sit on the bookshelf and be used over and over - I am sure to be pulling it out when leading my next National Poetry Week assembly.

48 pages / Ages 5-8 years / Reviewed by Marie Berry, teacher.


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