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Giraffe and Frog

Giraffe and Frog

Zehra Hicks
Two Hoots
ISBN: 9781509814176

Giraffe and Frog is a beautifully illustrated picture book. Zerah Hicks tells the story of Giraffe and Frog who are going to the beach. However, giraffe doesn't listen to his friend Frog and instead takes himself off in the entirely wrong direction. The story then follows the pair as Giraffe keeps taking them to different directions, thinking he is going to the beach. Every time, though, Frog corrects giraffe and tells him that he is not at the beach, instead he is in a field, a wood, the desert and even the Arctic. In the end Giraffe listen to Frog and they end up going the right direction and having a lovely time at the beach.

I recently read this story with some pre-school aged children and it was a lovely story to use with them to explore why it is important to listen, a skill they were really developing. There is lots of humour and speech throughout the story and it was really good to see that the children were laughing along and interacting really well with the story. Definitely one that will be repeated with the children.

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Marie Berry, teacher.


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