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The Silver Hand

The Silver Hand

Terry Deary
Bloomsbury Education
ISBN: 9781472929488

Terry Deary's 300th book is a wonderful piece of writing. Set during the final stages of World War One, it tells the story of a French girl called Aimee who gets caught up in the war when the Germans take over her town. When she finds out that her mum is spying for the British, she begs to help out and soon finds herself involved in a plot to uncover a German spy posing as a British soldier.

Deary's description really captures the feeling of the time and the horror and uncertainty that was faced by many during the years of World War One. The descriptions of the once peaceful French countryside, now war-torn and scarred by endless bombings, and the misery of the German soldiers fighting both the Allies and a seemingly unstoppable flu virus, allow you to immerse yourself in the story and be carried along effortlessly.

The characters are beautifully written, with a villain who is truly worthy of the title. The children, Aimee and Marius, are instantly likeable and you really find yourself worrying about them and rooting for them as the story twists and turns in front of you.

Overall, this is a wonderful book that I thoroughly enjoyed and will be recommending to my class (Year 5). A truly engaging story set against an important period in British and world history that would fit well with anyone studying the First World War.

288 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Andrew Mullen, teacher.


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