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The Company of Eight

The Company of Eight

Harriet Whitehorn
Stripes Publishing
ISBN: 9781847159229

Despite growing up in the Magical District of the Great City of Minaris, Cass is entirely un-magical. Her talents lie in acrobatics, at which she practises every spare moment. She longs to join the Circus, where auditions are held once a year. But when she misses the audition, she determines to catch up with the Circus Boat that sails the seas of the Longest World.

Invited aboard the Palace Boat by the seemingly charming Lord Bastien, Cass finds herself embroiled in a world of thieves and pirates, where she is forced to use her skills for very different purposes. During a pirate attack, Cass escapes and is washed up on the Island of Women, home to the mysterious, sword-fighting, very secret Company of Eight. Maybe her destiny lies elsewhere?

Imbued with magic and intrigue, this is a richly imagined fantasy adventure set in a world of island states, with a variety of ships which sail between them. With strong female characters, exciting action and a dash of mystery, this is a story to appeal to thrill-seeking readers of 9+.

208 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Jayne Gould, school librarian.


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