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I Can Fly

I Can Fly

Fifi Kuo
Boxer Books Limited
ISBN: 9781910716434

Penguins are birds too, so why can't they fly? They have wings, feathers, a beak and lay their eggs like other birds do, so why can't they fly? One particular Little Penguin wanted to know just that. Little Penguin was frustrated that he could not fly like other birds do, no matter how hard he tried flapping his wings he could not fly. Little penguin became exhausted from all the flipping and flapping he thought he had to do to be able to fly. Then when day, penguin learns that he can fly but just not in the way that other birds can and dad is on hand to help him learn.

This is a sweet, simple story, for young minds to digest. A great hook/stimulus to use in class introducing the Science topic animals/birds, generating discussion around the physical features of different animals. Children could investigate penguins themselves and why this particular species of birds cannot fly.

There are lots of opportunities for role play arm flapping with this story, children will enjoy pretending to be little penguin and portraying his frustrations and efforts.

I love the crayon like illustrations in this book, the medium is so relatable for the children and they could produce their own 'penguin art' in the style of Fifi Kuo.

A great read for young children with stunning pictures to explore.

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Nikki Stiles, teacher


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