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Once Upon a Unicorn Horn

Once Upon a Unicorn Horn

Beatrice Blue
Frances Lincoln Childrens Books
ISBN: 9781786035882

I loved the idea of this picture book, in which a little girl called June lives in a magical forest with her family, who spread their special magic among its creatures.

June is a fabulous character - lively, inquisitive and full of charm, as are the gorgeous illustrations. June spends her time hunting for 'treasures' in the woods, and one day spots some tiny magic horses learning to fly. They all manage to get off the ground, except for one forlorn little creature who can't. June tries to help it, including with a 'big wish', but to no avail. So mum and dad promise (in a shower of stars) that they will all help together.

They gather all the things a tiny flying horse might like, and set off, and while things don't end up quite as they had planned, through a mishap and much laughter, everything is resolved.

This would be a wonderful book to share with children as its message is laughter and happiness, rather than worry and concern, will help us succeed and that life is a little magical. It is also a gentle reminder to talk about things that are worrying us, and to take those problems to mum and dad or a caring grown up.

In the classroom, this would be a great starting point for encouraging children to build a story around their own 'magical wood' and the creatures they might be able to help- something the whole class can contribute ideas for.

In short, a lovely, quirky picture book that children - especially the unicorn fans among them - will love.

Picture book / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Lucy Giles


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