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A Walk Through Nature: A Clover Robin Peek-Through Book

A Walk Through Nature: A Clover Robin Peek-Through Book

Clover Robin
Caterpillar Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781848578036

Celebrate the wonders of the natural world with this fascinating book, jam packed with facts about natures habitats, creatures and seasonal changes.

This beautiful book encourages an enthusiasm about the natural world. Each double page spread with interactive gatefolds focuses on a different topic, as diverse as migration, baby animals and the emergence of plant life. The prose is made up of a perfect mix of captivating poetry and manageable snippets of factual information for young, curious minds to digest.

There is an abundance of subject specific vocabulary for children to explore in this book. It is no surprise to us in today's world that children are experiencing less and less interactions with the great outdoors. With children opting for video games, iPads and You tubing over the opportunity for woodland walks and countryside rambles. This is a great stimulus to use to re-engage children with nature. Powerful words such as mollusks, chrysalis, dense flocks, plough and toil can be found on every page, words that children in today's society no longer hear or are introduced to, words that are being lost from children's expressive vocabulary.

This is a peek through book which creates an immersive experience for children. Clover Robins's intricate collages are truly beautiful. Each page is a sweeping landscape, followed by an underneath/behind the scenes layer that provides children with a different outlook and fuller understanding of the world around us.

On the fold-outs, each stunning picture is captioned throughout, making the information relatable for the children and giving a clear focus to the text. Children will learn that beavers are semi-aquatic animals; key leaf shapes such as Oak and Maple; that Hermit crabs use abandoned shells to protect from predators; and that groups of eggs are called a clutch.

The information in this book is diverse, and therefore a great text to use in a learning setting. It is an introduction to nature poetry and comprehensive in its coverage.

The nature-filled collage artwork would make for a fantastic art project across school age ranges - a good opportunity for a whole school natural world focus (Science based learning) with lots of cross curricular links.

32 pages / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Nikki Stiles, teacher


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