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Nature Watch - Under the Waves

Nature Watch - Under the Waves

Hannah Tolson
QED Publishing
ISBN: 9780711241572

This board book is bright and eye-catching. It's a non-fiction book that describes different parts of the ocean such as coral reefs and the ocean floor, and introduces children to different creatures that live there.

The book has thick pages, making it appealing and accessible to younger readers who would be able to independently look at and hold this book. Each page has holes which peak through to the next, sparking intrigue in children to turn the page - although this does make them feel quite busy.

The book is ideal for adults to share with children, it introduces many different species of sea creatures and uses descriptive language. Each page has a counting activity to encourage children to look at the pages closely.

10 pages / Ages 3-5 years / Reviewed by Lizi Backhouse, teacher


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