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The Dragon In The Library

The Dragon In The Library

Louie Stowell
Nosy Crow Ltd
ISBN: 9781788000260

Every child looks forward to the summer holidays but, when they finally come around, the reality of what to do becomes a big discussion point. This is certainly true for Kit and her friends Alita and Josh who, in the opening chapter of The Dragon in the Library, are in Kit's bedroom arguing about what to do on the first day of the holidays.

Louie Stowell has been able to capture the dilemma of the first day of the holidays and introduce us to characters who are very different. Kit, who loves the outdoors, wants to visit the cemetery and climb trees, yet her friends Josh and Alita shudder at the thought of spending their first day of the holidays with the dead and suggest going to the library as the new 'Danny Fandango' book has been released.

Although the suggestion repulses Kit, she knows how much her friends love reading Danny Fandango books and reluctantly agrees to go with them. Unlike her friends, Kit has no interest in reading and takes no pleasure from it, yet little does she know that the library is going to change her life forever.

Due to their local library being forced to close, Kit and her friends have to trek to Chatsworth Library. On entering the library they are disappointed to find that there are no copies of the book left and they are on the verge of arguing when out of nowhere a librarian appears. Kit is perplexed by her sudden presence, but the others do not seem to have noticed and are easily pleased when she produces two equally good reads for them to get stuck into. On discovering that Kit is a reluctant reader, Faith takes it upon herself to submerge Kit into the wonderful world of books, only to discover that Kit can literally submerge herself into books as she is actually a wizard like herself.

Louie Stowell takes us on a wonderful journey that helps Kit discover how to be a wizard with the help of Faith, the Head Librarian, who is the protector of the realm in which dragons, magic and mythical beasts are entwined secretly within the grounds of the library. Kit quickly discovers the power of books and how the real and surreal coexist; however, when the Wizard Council agrees to Faith, the Head Librarian, training an underage wizard, little did they know that Kit could be the one to save the library and the sleeping dragon from the evil Mr Salt and his sidekick, Jenkins who want to use the Stone of Eek to extract the dragons powers and awaken it to cause devastation and destruction.

This book has numerous themes that would engage KS2 readers, from mythical creatures and magic to simply engaging the most reluctant of readers. It is a beautifully illustrated book that will captivate the children and embed their love for reading further. I would recommend this book to be shared with children at story time, especially in classrooms where children are enthused by the power of magic.

224 pages / Ages 8+ / Reviewed by Hayley Summerfield, school librarian


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