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Beatrix the Bold and the Curse of the Wobblers

Beatrix the Bold and the Curse of the Wobblers

Simon Mockler
Piccadilly Press
ISBN: 9781848127654

Ten year old Beatrix the Bold is a queen, but no one has told her yet! She lives in a Higgledy-piggledy palace with only her Aunt and Uncle for company. Her uncle, Ivan the Vicious, is responsible for the kingdom's armies. He isn't really so vicious when you get to know him, in fact he has quite a soft spot for Beatrix and makes sure she gets the very best lessons in combat and battle strategy.

Beatrix's Aunt, Esmerelda the Terrible, really is terrible. She spends her days counting her gold and spending it; all the while secretly wishing she had not been made the guardian of Beatrix the Bold.

Despite being figuratively kept in the dark about her noble birthright, Beatrix hasn't lost her sense of humour. She is quite good at telling jokes and seeing the best in a bad situation. Beatrix had only ever been allowed in ten rooms of the castle, one was revealed for every birthday. She had a garden room (she was never allowed outside); a war room (for battle practice) and a story telling theatre room (lucky Beatrix). Because Beatrix never left the palace, she also had a classroom where she was schooled by Wilfred the Wise, a wannabe wizard.

Beatrix the Bold is true to her name. Sensing that something is being hidden from her, she longs to escape the castle and explore. Little does Beatrix know, her prison is actually a protection. Beyond the dark, dark woods an evil army lies in wait, with a reputation worse than Killer Wasps and Green Jelly Babies, and their evil intent is to capture Beatrix! Wilfred and Uncle Ivan fear for Beatrice's safety but they needn't worry, she's Beatrix the Bold!

With friends by her side - Oi the Boy, Dog the dog and Wilfred the Wise - Beatrix learns the truth about her heritage, the legends that surround her and even takes on an army! Beatrix can hardly believe it herself. Thank goodness her uncle trained her well in battle strategy.

Once Beatrix's secrets are revealed she has just one thing on her mind- a quest to find her mother and father! We'll have to wait for book two to find out what happens next.

Beatrix the Bold and the Curse of the Wobblers' is the hilarious debut novel by Simon Mockler. A brilliantly funny read, if you don't mind a few pants and bottom jokes. Illustrations throughout by Cherie Zamazing add to the charm of the book, helping the story come to life. Beatrix is a fantastically bold heroine that young readers will instantly identify with. And Simon Mockler's witty blending of olden-days adventure with modern-day references will bring plenty of giggles. Beatrix will return later in 2019, in Beatrix the Bold and the Riddletown Dragon, where she will try to find her long lost parents and confront a terrifying dragon.

256 pages / Ages 7+ / Reviewed by Emily Beale, librarian


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