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The Dentist of Darkness

The Dentist of Darkness

David O'Connell
Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN: 9781408887080

The Dundoodle Mysteries (The Chocolate Factory Ghost and The Dentist of Darkness) are like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, mixed with The Famous Five and sprinkled with a touch of magic.

In The Chocolate Factory Ghost, Archie McBudge is amazed to discover he is the heir to a family fortune in the Scottish village of Dundoodle, but to prove himself worthy, he must first undertake a series of mysterious tasks. The future of Archie's fortune depends on his adventure as it includes mansion, Honeystone Hall and McBudge's Confectionery Company, home of the most innovative sweets, chocolate and world-famous McBudge Fudge, the secret ingredient of which is missing! Archie and friends, Billy, Fliss and Sherbert the dog are not the only ones on the hunt however, so things are about to get a bit sticky.

The adventure continues in The Dentist of Darkness as Archie and co. find themselves battling the forces of darkness in Dundoodle's Old Forest. The Wyrdie Tree, source of all magic in the town, is in need of protection from its guardian but there is more detective work to be done before Archie is remotely prepared! Besides which, there's a troublesome dentist on the loose who has much more up his sleeve than a scale and polish!

The Dundoodle Mysteries are hilarious, must-read-aloud books for ages 7+ and perfect for fans of the mystery genre. Claire Powell's illustrations are full of humour and fit beautifully with the narrative.

197 pages / Ages 7+ / Reviewed by Rhiannon Cook, school librarian


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