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The Race to Space: From Sputnik to the Moon Landing and Beyond...

The Race to Space: From Sputnik to the Moon Landing and Beyond...

Clive Gifford
Words & Pictures
ISBN: 9781786038890

From Sputnik to the Moon landing and beyond....The Race to Space covers events in the post war period that took place between the Soviet Union and the USA. Covering each development from initial ideas, animal testing to the moon landing, this well designed non-fiction text is clearly written and could be used to enhance a space or history topic but is probably best served as a library/home text to be read for interest and pleasure.

Gifford's accessible language clearly sets out the key events in the time period, offering insights into the key figures, rockets and countries that were taking part. Enhanced by Daviz's clever illustrations, the book is visually pleasing. Clever touches like flags at the top of each page to indicate which country is being discussed and blue or red page borders to link really make this a super text for research. The technical drawings of the rockets prove interesting and would provoke discussion.

Overall, an engaging read with some new information. This topic is rarely covered in this level of detail and it would be a great addition to any home library or school library. It would fit well in a key stage 2 classroom when studying space or the events of the 20th century. The clever design and great illustrations help make this a worthwhile addition to libraries.

64 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Bryony Davies, school librarian


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