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A Piglet Named Mercy

A Piglet Named Mercy

Kate DiCamillo
Walker Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781406388688

A very ordinary couple called Mr and Mrs Watson are very happy living their very ordinary lives. They have ordinary neighbours, they live on an ordinary street and they complete ordinary day to day activities until one day, something strange happens!

When a small piglet arrives on their doorstep, their ordinary lives are turned upside down. Mr and Mrs Watson fall in love with the piglet, however, not all of their neighbours are so keen! Even so the piglet, that they name Mercy, fits into their lives very well and soon becomes their prize possession.

This is a nice story, centred around a family with a theme of love - something every child should experience. It's quite a simple story so young children would be able to access and understand it. It also has colourful pictures to bring the characters to life which would also attract younger readers.

Picture Book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Lucy Newton, teacher


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