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A First Book of Animals

A First Book of Animals

Nicola Davies
Walker Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781406378122

What a fantastic book! It is split into sections including big and small, colours and shapes, animal homes, animal babies and animals in action. Each is filled with beautiful, bright, detailed pictures of animals ranging from tiny insects to ginormous elephants.

Throughout the book, information is presented about different animals in an very inviting way for young readers. It doesn't include too many facts and figures; it gives key pieces of information to spark the fascination of young minds into different species. Although it is a non-fiction book, you can read it like a story, with some pages rhyming - something many children really enjoy.

I would recommend this book for a huge range of ages, starting with EYFS children all the way up to KS2 children. They will be drawn in by the beautiful presentation and enjoy the information it provides, whether it is out of pure interest and pleasure or for more specific research. This is a lovely book to have in any classroom or on any bookshelf at home.

107 pages / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Lucy Newton, teacher


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