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The Night's Realm

The Night's Realm

Nick Ward
David Fickling Books
ISBN: 9781788450430

The Night's Realm, publishing in September, will make a fantastic read aloud class text. This book is sure to be a 'hiding behind a cushion', edge of seat read, for any young reader. I still remember moving away from the 'safe' school-promoted reads and onto books that left me feeling 'less comfortable'. Then as a young adult I recall the need to keep reading while feeling more than a little unsettled by authors such as James Herbert and V.C. Andrews, and it was a similar, obviously much less intense, feeling I had at the start of this book. That unsettled need to read on, metaphorically peering through my fingers, to find out what was going to happen next!

Written and illustrated by Nick Ward, The Night's Realm tells the story of a young boy called Billy, who has a secret. A secret he doesn't want anyone to know. Billy is scared of the dark! However, when Billy finds himself trapped in a world of darkness, he soon realises that he is the only person able to save not just himself, but all of the other children held by the nightmare of the evil Magician's dark magic.

The Magician, along with his army of night crawlers, shadowmen and werehounds is determined to catch as many young children as he can, as it is the whimpering cries of each child that increase his power. Billy's apparent resistance to his magic infuriates the evil sorcerer, as he is sure that gaining Billy's fear would give him the most power of all.

This fast-paced story sees Billy face his fears, while challenged by the fears of the other children trapped in the perpetual darkness. Written using child friendly language, interspersed with high quality, less ordinary vocabulary, The Night's Realm would be an ideal class or guided read for KS2, or a fab choice for any child still looking for motivation to read. I can't wait to share this in school when I go back, I'm sure there will be a queue of boys and girls eager to read it!

Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Sam Phillips, teacher


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