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This Book Can Read Your Mind

This Book Can Read Your Mind

Susannah Lloyd
Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9780711241442

Laugh out loud funny! With bright pink elephants wearing silly pants and parping loudly, what is not to love about this story if you are four to six years old?

This Book Can Read Your Mind is a cleverly written picture book that claims to read your mind. The story uses the power of suggestion by implanting an idea subtly (to a child) about what might appear on the next page. The story is about a scientist who has invented a machine to read your mind. The scientist asks the reader to focus on the page and think really hard about something, but not something silly, 'like a pink elephant'. Lo! And behind, on the next page you find a pink elephant has appeared, much to the delight of your child.

With each page the scientist begs the reader not to think of anything more silly, especially not elephants wearing silly pants, or riding unicycles or parping loudly out of their bottoms. As the story continues, the silliness becomes greater until the 'mind reading machine' explodes and 'you have exploded this book'.

Absolute great fun for a young child who genuinely believes they are causing the book to create the images that are in their mind. My six year old was rolling on the floor with laughter, especially when all the elephants were causing a stink for the scientist.

The illustrations are bright and clear to easily follow the story, whilst the facial expressions of the scientist are hilarious as he becomes increasingly concerned about your silliness. A great fun story to share with your child which will have you laughing along with all the silliness.

Picture book / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Joanna Hewish, teacher


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