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One Of Us Is Next

One Of Us Is Next

Karen McManus
Penguin Books Ltd
ISBN: 9780241376928

Welcome back to Bayview High... where nothing it seems has changed! Another revenge site is back in business, this time it's a 'truth or dare' challenge. Who will be targeted and why? Who's running the sick game this time?

A year has passed since the Bayview Four, as they were named, were cleared of Simon's death. Things are getting back to normal for them and they have moved on, until Tuesday 18th February when Phoebe receives the first text...

I'm not going to go into the plot as I don't want to spoil the mystery, thriller aspect of this well written and engaging story. It's so realistic that the reader will be easily involved in the plot. Once again the story develops almost like a diary entry from triple points of view through the main characters, helping readers to relate to their favourite character and the environment in this story.

What is also so good about this book is that you don't really have to read the first one, One of us is Lying ( but I seriously recommend that you do,as it's so good!); its okay as a stand alone, but be warned once picked up you will want to finish it in one sitting.

384 pages that contain mild scenes of sex, casual hook-ups, alcohol abuse, violence, death and the dark side of social media, making this suitable for the 14+ reader. The story also deals with friendship and trust, and makes a point about keeping secrets. This is an ideal book for book clubs/ intervention groups or for a secondary class read as there are quite a few discussion/ development points.

I loved the tag line, it got me hooked... 'Truth or Dare, Turns Deadly, what would you choose?' Get it and enjoy, hopefully this talented author will have another story from Bayview in the pipeline, or will they have learned their lesson by now?

384 pages / Ages 14+ / Reviewed by Linda Brown, school librarian


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