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Superhero Gran

Superhero Gran

Joe Berger
Nosy Crow Ltd
ISBN: 9781788005463

This rhyming story is a celebration of all the wonderful things grandmothers do to deserve the title of Superhero! The gran in question has a home full of appealing playthings to create a day full of fun for her two visiting grandchildren, including a fabulous collection of dressing-up clothes and face paint. This enables her to create convincing disguises for them and to transform them into mini superheroes.

Her superpowers extend to gardening, telling stories and having boundless energy to keep the children entertained. She is also, of course, very generous with her biscuit tin of goodies! Having had an exciting day, and being reluctant for it to end, the two youngsters are delighted that their gran uses her powers of persuasion, to insist on extending their stay with an unexpected sleepover.

This captivating gran has a real sense of style, with her funky clothing and retro room settings. The children's admiration for their gran is beautifully depicted in the illustrations, as is her affection for them, which is evident from all the cuddles they receive.

Mention must be made of the other two characters in the book, which are a pair of cats. Readers will, I am sure, enjoy spotting the cats on every page of the book and seeing what they are getting up to. On some pages, the cats are observers of the action, at other times they appear to mimic the children, and in the final scenes they are fast asleep.

A lovely exploration of the children's relationship with their super grandmother and all that is gained from it by all parties.

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Judith Greenall


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