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Spellslinger 6: Crownbreaker

Spellslinger 6: Crownbreaker

Sebastien de Castell
Hot Key Books
ISBN: 9781471405495

Crownbreaker is the final book of the amazing Spellslinger series and it doesn't disappoint, it just leaves you wanting more of these unique characters, but sadly, as the author tells us, all good things must come to an end.

Kellen and his business partner Reichis are still with the young Daroman Queen as her protectors. They have settled into court life, but this easy way of life will not last for too much longer as something is amiss, a war is brewing, one that the Argosi has predicted will destroy the continent.

Once again Kellen finds himself in the middle of things. He has been tasked to kill the young boy who has been hailed as a 'God', and if he completes this task, he will be saving thousands of lives as the impending war will no longer happen. However, Kellen has other reasons for taking up this task; this God killed his mother with a deathly virus, and now he has given it to Ferius, his Argosi mentor.

The impending war has brought him seeming closer to his father, but can he trust him? What is his father hiding? Kellen can't help feeling suspicious about his involvement in this war. He is also finding that he has conflicting ideas with his sister Shalla that will test their love and loyalty for each other. With Ferius back in the picture (it's great seeing the team back together for this final adventure), Kellen is using his Argosi training to look at the bigger picture of killing this God. Will he make the right decisions? Will Reichis get to eat his favourite, eyeballs and butter biscuits, during this page-turning adventure?

Entertaining, well written pages full of drama, tricks, magic, humour and a dash of romance; all suitable for 14 + readers, especially boys. Once again the story contains mild scenes of violence, torture, death and abuse, along with some offensive language that I personally thought was unnecessary

The series as a whole is great for reading/intervention groups and book clubs as it will keep confident and reluctant readers engaged and entertained. Shame the series is at an end, but the journey has been wonderful and adventurous with these unique characters. I believe they will live on in many YA minds for quite a long time, especially Reichis - who could forget a murderous, thieving, bloodthirsty squirrel cat ( with a soft spot for butter biscuits and a hot bath) so easily!

528 pages / Ages 14+ / Reviewed by Linda Brown, school librarian


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