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A Super Weird! Mystery: Danger at Donut Diner

A Super Weird! Mystery: Danger at Donut Diner

Jim Smith
Egmont Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781405295451

The Pebbles family are moving to Donut Island and, in a break with his past life, Melvin has decided that he is DEFINITELY going to be cool from now on. Unfortunately, the first person he meets is new next-door neighbour, Rhubarb Plonsky. Soon, despite Melvin's best efforts, he has accidentally joined her not-at-all-cool group of investigative reporters at Daily Donut HQ (Rhubarb's basement) rather than the so-cool-it-hurts Cool Doods gang. But there are bigger problems on the horizon.

Why is purple mist is swirling around? Why are strange noises are echoing around the town? And why is everyone weirdly obsessed with the new Donut Hole Monster toys? Most importantly of all, will Melvin give up his new friends for a place in the Cool Doods?

Very much in the vein of Jim Smith's previous books about Barry Loser and Future Ratboy, Danger at Donut Island is short, snappy and silly - very, very silly. With brief chapters broken up with lots of cartoons, it is perfect for readers who struggle to maintain interest in longer texts or who are just making the leap to chapter books.

272 Pages / Ages 7-9 / Reviewed by Carol Carter, school librarian


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