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Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Zombies

Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Zombies

Katie Tsang
Egmont Books Ltd
ISBN: 9781405295727

Somehow I've managed to miss the other books in the Sam Wu series but having read this one I shall be off to my local library or book shop pretty sharpish to read all about Sam's earlier adventures.

Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Zombies is a laugh out loud, funny book; the fifth in a series of stories by Katie and Kevin Tsang, about a young boy and his adventures as he repeatedly tries to prove that he is definitely not a scaredy cat!

This story starts when Sam and his arch nemesis, Ralph Zinkerman the Third, are kept in at break time for throwing erasers in class. Ralph ends up telling Sam about the noises that have been keeping him, and his sister Regina, awake at night. Ralph and Regina are certain that the noises are coming from the Zombie Werewolves locked in their basement and they ask Sam and his friends, Zoe and Bernard, to help them find someway of getting rid of them! So even though his friend Zoe is sure it's a trap, another of evil Ralph's mean plots, Sam, who actually really likes Regina, is, as always, keen to prove how brave he is.

The adventures that follow are just brilliant. Telling only his inquisitive younger sister Lucy that he is off on a potentially dangerous mission, the five children make their way into the basement. The chaos the ensues is just brilliant, a great mix of humour and suspense throughout, it cannot fail to make you giggle.

I really enjoyed this book, I have no doubt that it would be a fabulous book to share with the whole class, or equally good as a one-to-one read at home. It's a great book for newly independent or reluctant readers that will help them to gain confidence and find pleasure in reading themselves, while the superbly detailed illustrations by Nathan Reed will no doubt captivate the less confident reader.

These books won't fail to make you smile. I can't wait to read the next adventure to find out what trouble Sam and his friends find themselves in again.

224 Pages / Ages 6-9 / Reviewed by Sam Phillips, teacher


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