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I Don't Like Books. Never. Ever. The End.

I Don't Like Books. Never. Ever. The End.

Emma Perry, illus Sharon Davey
David Fickling Books
ISBN: 9781788450614

Once upon a time there was a girl called Mabel ....... who hated books!

Unfortunately for Mabel, her family and friends never seem to understand her hatred for stories. She would receive books for birthdays, Christmas and for anytime in between. All of these books would come in handy though, with many of them being redeployed in a variety of different ways. However, the books soon become fed up and bored of being misused and take matters into their own hands..... will Mabel learn the value of books after all?

Emma Perry has created a wonderful and original story about the problems that come with being a non book lover. We often find books where characters are keen readers and lovers of stories but, as is true in every classroom up and down the country, not every child is a natural bookworm. Some children even avoid the idea of reading all together.

What makes this story special is the way Emma addresses that problem. It doesn't turn into a lecture about having to read but more of a look inside the opportunities stories give you to travel, and the fear of missing out on the ending of something that has you hooked. I can't wait to share this text with my class, who on the whole love stories, so I can see if some of my more reluctant readers become hooked into the story themselves.

A real treat and very much recommended for all primary schools and EYFS settings.

Picture book / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Kyle Matravers, teacher


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