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I Don't Like Books. Never. Ever. The End.

I Don't Like Books. Never. Ever. The End.

Emma Perry, illus Sharon Davey
David Fickling Books
ISBN: 9781788450614

This highly inspiring picture book is the perfect addition to every home and classroom, especially for those who behold reluctant readers! Emma Perry teaches the value of books and the adventures they behold in a high paced style with its one-word sentences and expressive language in capital letters - it is best read-aloud with high emotion.

We meet a girl called, Mabel who we might usually assume would love books - her family certainly do with their continuous gifting of books to her, much to her dismay! Mabel makes use of these books in some unconventional ways: stacking them to reach up high, using them as a sledge and even slurping her dinner off them!

In a bedroom full of books which have never been read, the books begin to cause a commotion and Mabel finds herself falling onto the pages of various books, finding herself in several circumstances which she longs to explore. Mabel realises that a life without books is 'a blank page, with no stories. No adventures', and she now understands the value of these books and cannot read them quickly enough! Mabel is now a girl who loves books. 'Forever and ever. THE END'.

This book is perfect to share with those children who can read but don't read. Mabel is a relatable character who brings the reader on her journey to discover a a love of books. This gem of a book is one to be treasured and pulled out again and again for children of all ages, especially those who are able to read but may need some inspiration to find a book that interests them.

I cannot wait to launch World Book Day 2020 by reading this picture book about the magic of stories to a school of 600+ children and seeing the magic that I'm sure will unfold for these children!

Picture book / Ages 3+ / Reviewed by Jessica Bunney, teacher


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