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The Funny Life of Sharks

The Funny Life of Sharks

Professor James Campbell
Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN: 9781526615497

A new topic in the hilarious 'Funny Life Of' books by James Campbell, illustrated by Rob Jones. Something to really sink your teeth into, The Funny Life of Sharks takes an affectionate, fun and fact-packed look at one of nature's most feared predators. See sharks in a whole new (slightly less scary ) light!

I Iove this series of books with their engaging style of text and font and with their great, funny illustrations by Rob Jones which are a perfect compliment to James Campbell's witty, light-hearted, chatty narrative. It is the most enjoyable way I have learned shark facts I never knew; there is a shark called the Wobbegong that looks like a carpet and can you even guess how much more likely you are to die taking a selfie than being eaten by a shark ??

The way you can flick from section to section and use the handy sign posts on pages are a real strength of this book and make it good to pick up and browse, time and time again. The apparent randomness of some of the sections such as 'Why grown ups rest their eyes' and 'Who the crumbling plimpturtle is Shirley Bassey?' may seem confusing at first glance but, trust me, the nonsense makes perfect sense as you read (almost as if it's been very, very cleverly planned out!)

A great book that is stuffed full of new information and full of laughs.

240 pages / Ages 6+ / Reviewed by Jenny Caddick, teacher


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