The Doom of the Haunted Opera
John Bellairs


When Lewis and Rose Rita explore an abandoned theatre, they discover an unpublished opera score entitled 'The Day of Doom'. Ignoring a strange omen, they show it to their music teacher, who heralds 'The Day of Doom' a masterpiece. Little do they know that the eerie Henry Vanderhelm, the composer's grandson, arrives with a plan to awaken the dead and enslave the world! Soon, all the adults are enamoured - and enspelled - by Henry Vanderhelm. A mysterious fog descends upon New Zebedee and everyone is trapped inside it. It is up to Lewis and Rose Rita to stop the dead coming back to life. For fans of Goosebumps.

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Linda Brown, 9
This is book 6 of this delightful, spooky series. Lewis and Rose Rita are once again smack bang in the middle of another sinister, spooky adventure while the adults are out of town...
Lewis and Rose Rita explore an old abandoned theatre in town for their school project. Lewis discovers an old musical score which has the title of 'the day of doom' ( think I would have placed it back where I had found it, with that title!) They show it to their music teacher who believes it to be an old masterpiece. She tells the newspapers etc and that's when Henry Vanderhelm turns up. Henry is the grandson of the music's composer and after he turns up in town strange things start to happen. A heavy fog descends on New Zebedee making sure no one leaves or gets in. How will they contact Johnathan and Mrs Zimmerman for help? Everyone is acting strange, except for one person Mrs Jaegar. She is a magician of sorts, she's not got much power but hopefully she can help the children battle this sinister character.

The Doom of the Haunted Opera is an entertaining read that has added creepy moments, almost as scary as the first book in the series. This, along with the other stories in this series have an old fashioned, Americanised feel to them; which is quite refreshing from some of the more sinister, gory reads that young readers have today.

The Book contains 232 pages that are suitable for the 10+ confident reader or older non confident. Would also be a good book to read aloud to primary school students during tutor periods or for primary reading groups. The story does contain some scary moments, but nothing in depth or detail, that younger readers may dwell upon. The chapters are a little long but they are broken down with the lovely illustrations by Nathan Collins, which help feed the imagination of the reader. Another plus of this series is that you don't have to have read all of the previous books, they are great as a stand alone. All in all, a fun quick read and I'm personally looking forward to book 7, 'The Spectre from the Magician's Museum' to see what other spooky adventures these two are going on.

Reviewed by Linda Brown / 232 Pages / Ages 10+

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