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Life in Lockdown writing competition

11th May 20

A writing competition has been launched for those aged 7-17, about life during lockdown, which will be judged by authors with categories for each year. Closing date is Friday 17th July.

The competition is an opportunity for children and young people to write about their experiences of life in lockdown and during the coronavirus, for example a personal experience, a poem, or a creative story.

Entries should be 700 words or under and should be submitted in the entrant's age category.

Their work will be read by a published author, who will choose the five best entries from that age group. These entries will then be included in a book published by John Catt Educational called 'Generation Lockdown Writes'. There will also be a range of other prizes for the winning entries, and a special celebratory book launch with an opportunity to meet the authors.

Authors helping to judge the competition include Ross Welford, Cathy Cassidy, Dan Smith, Nizrana Farook and Lisa Heathfield.

Any funds raised from the sale of copies of 'Generation Lockdown Writes' will go to The BookTrust charity.

Find out more about the Life in Lockdown competition, including entry details and tips from authors, here:

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