We're Getting a Cat!

We're Getting a Cat!

We're Getting a Cat!
Vivian French

Walker Books Ltd

ISBN 9781406372915

A delightfully cheerful non-fiction picture book about how to care for your cat, from much-loved author Vivian French and award-winning illustrator Salvatore Rubbino. A non-fiction picture book about a rescue cat, with a charmingly funny story by Vivian French and lively illustrations by Salvatore Rubbino. The story follows a family who have just moved into a mouse-infested flat. Dad is terrified of mice and, after several sleepless nights, decides they should get a cat. They meet Kevin the cat in a rescue home - he's big and strong, and they're sure he'll catch all of the mice. But Kevin has other ideas... Join this lovable tomcat as he settles into his new home, gradually learning how to use a litter tray, when he'll be fed and that it's probably better to use a scratching post than to shred the back of Dad's chair. The caption text provides information on feeding, grooming and caring for your cat - and at the end of the book, there's a handy index and bibliography.

Librarian's Book choice

With its mix of story and cat facts, We're Getting a Cat! provides a lovely introduction to getting a new cat as a pet - but I would also recommend it as an early introduction to non-fiction for young children. While the main text is an account by a child of what happens when her family decides to get a cat from a rescue centre (to catch mice - which it singularly fails at!), there is also advice given in a distinct font about how to look after the new pet, including cats' likes and dislikes, how to feed them etc. There is an additional final page with more advice, links to websites, and an index to look up information about cat things like cat flaps and grooming. We're Getting a Cat! is nicely laid out with plenty of illustrations to support the text. While it has more text than your average picture book, it is simply written in a child's voice and reads aloud well. Together with the busy illustrations, it could also work for some reluctant readers who have an interest in animals or cats. Nice to see a multicultural family represented, too. Picture book / Ages 3-6 years / Reviewed by Carol Bright.