ISBN 9781408839218

Librarian's Book choice

It is always exciting to have a debut author illustrator come along, especially with a delightful picture book such as this. Depending upon your own preferences for early mornings you may have been recently enjoying once again the beautiful birdsong which greets the spring in the eponymous dawn chorus. So it is the perfect time to launch this book and it will immediately compliment seasonal work in the classroom or indeed nature observation or work on times of the day.

Peep is the endearing hero of this tale. Like us he wakes to beautiful birdsong and tracks it down to a glorious tree full of birds together with their conductor. Peep loves singing and wants to audition but just cannot manage to get there in time. Readers will really sympathise as he practises so hard that he oversleeps and then he determines to stay up all night, but is then too tired to sing at all. Finding out why he is not suited to morning song and what sort of bird he is will fascinate young readers.

The book is beautifully designed with a warm and gentle palette of colours and the artwork successfully combines interesting paper collage, fine line drawing and painting. I look forward to seeing what this talented newcomer does next.

Reviewed by Joy Court, librarian