Amy Wilson

Macmillan Children's Books

ISBN 9781509885800

The beautifully spellbinding and critically-acclaimed story of a thousand magical worlds from the author of A Girl Called Owl and A Far Away Magic. When daydreamer Clementine discovers a mysterious house standing in the middle of town that was never there before, she is pulled towards it by the powerful sense of a mother she never knew. The place is full of snowglobes, swirling with stars and snow and each containing a trapped magician, watched over by Gan, the bitter keeper of the house. One of these is Dylan, a boy who teases her in the real world but who is now desperate for her help. So Clem ventures into the snowglobes, rescuing Dylan and discovering her own powerful connection to the magic of these thousand worlds. Vowing to release the magicians from the control of their enchantments, Clem unknowingly unleashes a struggle for power that will not only put her family, but the future of magic itself in danger. 'One of the most purely original and imaginative children's books I have read this year' Piers Torday, author of The Lost Magician 'Amy Wilson is the rising star of children's fantasy' Telegraph Best Children's Books of the Year 'Beautiful prose, a wholly original premise and filled to the brim with fairytale magic. Perfect reading as the colder nights draw in' Abi Elphinstone, author of Sky Song 'A spellbinding adventure in a magical and darkly beautiful world . . . utterly captivating' Sophie Anderson, author of The House with Chicken Legs

Librarian's Book choice

Snowglobe is a gloriously spellbinding fantasy adventure that shimmers and dances just like the contents of a festive snowglobe.

Twelve year-old Clem knows that she is different. School is a daily ordeal as she struggles to control the bursts of mysterious magic that she finds herself producing on the frequent occasions when other students torment or threaten her. Then, when things look bleakest, she stumbles upon a magical house that is filled with strange snowglobes, and so begins her adventure which will challenge her in ways that she would never have thought possible.

With a truly original idea at its heart, this is a tale of friendship, courage and hope which held me in its spell right from the off and Clem is a compelling narrator who sweeps the reader up in her magical story. The cover and interior illustrations really add to the appeal.

Suffice it to say that a queue is already forming for my school library copy, which barely made it onto my desk before being snapped up by an eager fantasy fan! Highly recommended.

288 pages / Ages 9+ / Reviewed by Emily Marcuccilli, school librarian