The Great Big Book of Friends

The Great Big Book of Friends

The Great Big Book of Friends
Mary Hoffman

Frances Lincoln Childrens Books

ISBN 9781786030542

What is a friend? Can a pet be a friend? Are you friends with your brothers and sisters? What if you don't have any friends? A wonderful celebration of all kinds of friendship, from best friends to groups of friends to toys that feel like friends, this truly inclusive book is a great way to start a conversation with children about what makes a good friend. From the author and illustrator team behind The Great Big Book of Families and The Great Big Book of Feelings, this diverse celebration of friendship is perfect for both the home and the classroom.

Librarian's Book choice

This book is a fantastic way of introducing friendship into school or addressing problems both in school and at home. It enables adults to address difficult problems with friendships, including being different, accepting that we cannot get along with everyone and imaginary friends. At a time when mental health and well-being is prominent, this book is a great way to start in Key Stage 1 and at home.

The book is appropriately targeted for both children and adults, and split into easy to find and read sections, each dealing with a different friendships and issues. It also has a hidden game throughout and lots of little jokes to make sure it is light-hearted and fun to read. It is also packed with thought-provoking questions and places to start discussions.

I would thoroughly recommend this book to both teachers and parents for dealing with friendship issues or for PSHE/Life skills lessons as it is easily accessible and easy to understand and read.

These books are part of a series, The Great Big Books, which deal with different situations children may face and allowing a channel for adults and children to talk about these.

32 pages / Ages 5+ / Reviewed by Lauren Maidman, teacher