Itchy, Scritchy, Scratchy Pants

Itchy, Scritchy, Scratchy Pants

Itchy, Scritchy, Scratchy Pants
Steve Smallman

Little Tiger Press

ISBN 9781848699410

Five nippy Vikings set out hiking, off on an adventure to find some yeti fluff. As in the chilly weather, no underpants are better, than a pair of knickers knitted from the stuff!

Librarian's Book choice

What a superb, amusing and original story. From start to finish we loved reading this delightful tale together. Full of humorous little jokes amidst the narrative - 'oooh, the wind's blowing into my pants. / it's blowing out of mine!' - my four year old was rolling around laughing at the unfortunate circumstances of the poor Vikings.

Itchy Scritchy Scratchy Pants tells the tale of four poor Vikings who have lost their knickers during a fight, so they set off on a mission to replace them. The conditions are freezing and the Vikings urgently need new knickers. But, when they get to the Knicker Lady, they find she is out of wool, so now the Vikings must set off on a new quest to find the Yeti and retrieve the wool from his back. Along the way, the Vikings have to battle through many quests before meeting the friendly Yeti who is very pleased to meet the Vikings.

Will your child spot what is wrong with the Yeti in the very cleverly drawn illustrations? Before they know it, the Vikings have warm new knickers, but there is something definitely wrong with them - they are full of fleas!

The narrative is written with a regular rhyme and rhythm which engages your child as the narrative continues and they will giggle with glee at phrases such as 'my bottom's gone all ouchy'. With wonderful, large, bright illustrations, all children will delight in spotting all the details. The characters are animated and full of expressions, clearly showing the emotions of the characters as the story progresses. My personal favourite characters are the dragon who refuses to eat the Vikings because 'they always give me wind', and the very casual Yeti who is just chilling outside his cave, cup of tea and chocolate biscuit in his hand.

Engaging from the very first line, this story is wonderful to share with young children ages 3+.