Where in the Wild

Where in the Wild

Where in the Wild
Poppy Bishop

Little Tiger Press

ISBN 9781848699557

Across the world, on land and sea, Are creatures living wild and free. And each one has a precious home - "A habitat," as it is known. A stunning exploration of the world's animal habitats and the importance of saving these wilds from destruction.

Librarian's Book choice

Another success by Jonny Lambert. Having previously fallen in love with 'The Only Lonely Panda' (his earlier picture book), I knew I was in for a treat when I picked up Lambert's latest book; and I wasn't disappointed. Written by Poppy Bishop and illustrated by Jonny Lambert, this is a story to love again and again.

Bishop uses rhyming couplets throughout to teach young children about the environment, habitats and conservation, what is there not to love about this beautifully written and illustrated picture book?!

'Where in the Wild' moves through a range of different habitats with the creatures dictating the narrative. Each habitat shows a range of animals that live in the environment and teaches children about the habitat as well as facts about the animals. For example, the Seahorse - 'this grass is where I spend my days / I use my tail to hold on tight / so I don't float away at night.' Moving from rivers to rain forest, deserts and the Arctic, a vast range of habitats are explored and it ends with a very poignant message of treating our planet with respect - 'let's save each river, plant and tree; the homes of creatures, wild and free.'

Conservation of the planet sits at the very heart of this tale, a message that is important for young children to hear, and which is clearly something that is close to the author's heart.&

The beautiful, original illustrations make this tale one to stand out on your child's book shelf and they will want to return to it again and again, delighting in finding something new on each page. Carefully hand drawn with intricate detail, I adored discussing each animal and their habitat with my four year old son. One of my favourite features about this story is the facts found on each page, accompanying the narrative. The pages also have little holes cut out so that when you turn the page, a new picture is revealed or a creature focused on.

A thoughtful story with an important message; one every child should read.

Picture book / Ages 4+ / Reviewed by Joanna Hewish, teacher.