The Coral Kingdom

The Coral Kingdom

The Coral Kingdom
Laura Knowles

words & pictures

ISBN 9781910277379

From brightly coloured corals to shimmering shoals of fish, the diversity of life on a coral reef is celebrated in this visually stunning picture book with a strong ecological message about the need to protect this most precious of environments. Through gentle rhyme and intricately etched artwork, it explores the life cycle, diversity and colour of the coral reef ecosystem, as well as the threats the reef faces and what we can do to save it. With each page packed full of delightful sea creatures to discover and enjoy, this is a lyrical and engaging way to learn about the life cycle of a coral reef.

Librarian's Book choice

This book grabs the reader's eye immediately with a beautifully flowing rainbow front cover illustrated by Jennie Webber, and the enormous level of detail continues on the informative and stunning end papers depicting (annotated) coral and sea life.

The Coral Kingdom is at once a lesson in sustainability and diversity in our oceans and a charming rhyming story which also investigates the variety of colour the oceans can offer. Focusing particularly on coral and the effects of coral bleaching, there is a fold-out page at the back extending the image of a coral reef at its finest and, on the reverse, information on the topic alongside links to find out more.

An enjoyable read with a clear and important but gently-introduced message. I would recommend this book to anyone reading to children aged 3+, especially those with a love of anything nature.

Picture book / Ages 3-7 years / Reviewed by Rhiannon Cook, school librarian