Becoming an author at just 25

Author Sophie Cleverly talks about her path to becoming an author aged just 25, and what it takes to be a writer.

18/11/2015Becoming an author at just 25

Do we need gender balance in reading lists?

Reading specialist Camilla de la Bedoyere, who works at a girls' comprehensive school in London, questions the gender balance of the books being given to students to read as set texts by schools.

21/10/2015Do we need gender balance in reading lists?

Philip Reeve's Railhead blog tour

ReadingZone has joined Philip Reeve's blog tour, an A-Z about his brilliant new novel, Railhead (published by OUP). Today, Philip blogs about the letter 'Q' - for Questions:

17/10/2015Philip Reeve's Railhead blog tour

Writing traditional tales into new stories

Here author Maudie Smith tells us how fairy tales inspired the plot and characters in her new book, The Cake, the Wolf and the Witch (published by Orion).

07/09/2015Writing traditional tales into new stories

Why children's books needs an 'MGLC'

With the upcoming and brilliantly successful YA Literacy Convention (YALC), launching at Olympia this weekend, ReadingZone editor Caroline Horn wonders if the success of YA literature has come at...

15/07/2015Why children's books needs an 'MGLC'

Poetry writing advice from Hilda Offen

Poet Hilda Offen (Blue Balloon and Rabbit Ears) gives some advice to young people on where to start when they decide to write a poem.

06/07/2015Poetry writing advice from Hilda Offen

Children's writing is 'too flowery'

A group of authors have contacted the education secretary to complain that schools are steering children's creative writing to "too elaborate, flowery and over-complex" language. Do you agree?

02/07/2015Children's writing is 'too flowery'

William the Cat returns...

Helen Hancocks, creator of the picture book William and the Missing Masterpiece (published by Templar), tells us what inspired the follow-up to this story.

28/06/2015William the Cat returns...

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