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ISBN: 9780957071223

Punctuation is an unusual little book all about, as you would expect(!), punctuation. Without preamble and an index to guide you, each page has a title word (for example: comma) accompanied by a straightforward explanation and funny, simple pen line illustration. I think that this book would be useful for secondary school children and adults alike as I'm sure there's quite a few of us that struggle with correct usage of some punctuation. It does, however, have a few little quirks. The words have been placed in alphabetical order but this means that 'semicolon' is the last defined word. As it has already been partly explained along with 'colon' earlier in the book it would have made more sense to place them together. It also means that 'question mark', as one of the most common used, is near the back of the book after some less well known such as 'interpunct' and 'pilcrow'. Some of the explanations also refer to the use of the punctuation in mathematics (for example: brackets) and I found this out of place. Overall I think it is a lovely, quirky, useful book and found myself wanting more words and definitions, especially unusual ones. The drawings add to its charm and I will keep it to hand for those tricky apostrophes and colons/semicolons that I always muddle up! I hope my punctuation here is acceptable and recommend the book to anyone needing a little help. 35 pages / Ages 11+ / Reviewed by Lorraine Ansell, school librarian.


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