Colin Butfield, Matt Whyman

Colin Butfield, Matt Whyman

Colin Butfield (Executive Consultant Editor, WWF)

Colin was the Conservation and Science Advisor for the Our Planet series and spearheaded the creation of the project alongside the series producers and Netflix. His involvement includes building the story through, which not only shows the issues the planet is facing but the solutions. Colin has worked at WWF for nearly 15 years working across many conservation issues around the world.

Matt Whyman (author)

A bestselling author who has written widely for all ages across a range of subjects. For young readers, he has written under the pen names Jack Carson and Carnegie-nominated Lazlo Strangolov - authors of action series Battle Champions and Feather and Bone. In non-fiction, Matt has written about the Unexpected Genius of Pigs, his Life with Minipigs. Matt lives in West Sussex with his wife and children, and puppy Sprint.


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  • Our Planet: The One Place We All Call Home
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