Nicky Singer

Nicky Singer

Nicky Singer has worked in publishing, the arts and television. She co-founded, and for ten years co-directed, Performing Arts Labs, a charity dedicated to training writers for stage, screen and opera.

Her own writing career began when she was 15 years old with lyrics for a cantata, Jonah and the Whale. Since then she has written four adult novels and two books of non-fiction. Her first novel for children, Feather Boy, won the Blue Peter 'Book I Couldn't Put Down Award' and the overall Blue Peter 'Book of the Year' Award, and it was adapted for television.

Nicky's second book for young people, Doll, was shortlisted for the Booktrust Teenage Prize and her book The Innocent's Story was a gritty and challenging response to 9/11.

Nicky lives in Brighton with her husband and their three children.


  • Best known titles

  • The Survival Game
  • Island
  • The Flask
  • Feather Boy (Essential Modern Classics)
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