Lorraine Gregory

Lorraine Gregory

Raised by an Austrian mother and Indian father on a concrete council estate in East London, Lorraine spent most of her childhood escaping into the imaginary worlds of books by Dahl, Lindgren and Blyton, or creating her own sprawling, adventuresome stories.

Her dreams of becoming a writer were abandoned when the boring trappings of adulthood ensnared her and convinced her to give up what seemed to be an impossible dream. Instead she trained as a chef, married, became a mother and then retrained as an antenatal teacher. It was only when her young son couldn't find anything he wanted to read that she began to write again.

Now she spends her days writing fantasy books for children, surrounded by her family and two fluffy cats, occasionally venturing out to teach, see friends or shop for more books!


  • Best known titles

  • The Maker of Monsters
  • Mold and the Poison Plot
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