Steve Augarde

Steve Augarde

Steve Augarde has been illustrating childrens books for 30 years and has provided the chapter head illustrations for his first novel, The Various. Steve has created these original and ornate illustrations using a scraperboard. Celandine, his second novel has been longlisted for The Carnegie Medal.

Steve has been a paper engineer for 10 years and has produced the paper engineering for many pop-up books. He also created the artwork and produced the music for the BBC Childrens TV series, Bump. This was an animated kids TV series (BBC), about an elephant. Initially a 13 part series, later extended to a further 13 episodes, plus a Christmas special. Steve wrote and played the music for the show, which consisted of the title song and incidental music. He plays the guitar, keyboards, bass and double bass. He also did all the drawings of the main characters and backgrounds - the animation team then animated these.

Steve also teaches Art students at Yeovil College and has also done a lot of supply teaching in secondary and special needs schools.

When hes not working Steve plays double bass with his band. He has been a semi professional musician for around 30 years, playing mostly in jazz bands. He currently
plays double bass with The Gents (a four piece jazz/Western Swing outfit). They mostly play songs from the Thirties and Forties to include artists such as Django Reinhardt, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Hank Williams and Bob Wills.

The band does a lot of weddings and private functions and have been booked at the Sherborne School Commemoration Ball for the last seven years. They also do festivals and have played over in Ireland a few times - Cork Jazz festival, and also Marsden Jazz festival many times. They have got a gig lined up at The 100 Club. When Steve says, So were quite good! you dont doubt him, he is obviously a very talented man.

Steve was born in Birmingham but has spent most of his life in the west-country living in Somerset. He has recently moved to Marsden in Yorkshire, where he has family ties, theres a connection to be made there musically, I regularly play at the Jazz Festival which is held every October.

Steve is also involved in The Keystone Haven charity its purpose is to raise money in order to build a respite hospice for terminally ill children.



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